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People often forget about their roof unless something is wrong with it, like a leak or broken tiles. However, one of the best ways to prevent a roof from experiencing these kinds of issues is through reliable maintenance. With our dependable services for Melbourne roof cleaning, Gorilla Roofing can safeguard the integrity of your roof.

Why Roof Cleaning Is Important

Although its common knowledge that a leaky roof is a big problem, it’s not as well known that a dirty roof can also damage the structural integrity of the building. If a roof is never or rarely cleaned of dirt and debris, it is not just going to look unpleasant. Both organic and inorganic growth can damage the shingles or tiles, eroding away even the highest quality of materials. Accumulated debris can clog up the gutters, which will prevent them from functioning correctly. Blocked-up gutters will leave the roof vulnerable to flooding water, which means the roof can then deteriorate due to water damage. Scheduling regular roof cleaning, even a couple of times a year, can stop all these issues from occurring.

The kinds of contaminants and debris that should be cleaned from a roof include:

  • Algae, lichen, and moss
  • Mold and mildew
  • Dirt and mud
  • Nests of wildlife and pests
  • Accumulated droppings from animals
  • Leaves, twigs, branches, and other organic material
  • “Nicholas Ruiz came and inspected the roof as was damaged by previous storms he was able to work with my insurance and my roof was replaced professionally and looks great.”

    - Rob B.

The Benefits of Professional Moss & Algae Removal

In picture books and paintings, the green moss that covers old buildings like cottages or castles is depicted as being romantic. Although moss and algae may seem picturesque, however, these organic growths cause major havoc on roofs. If moss and lichen are left to grow on a roof, they will retain a lot of moisture. This constantly damp environment will cause the tiles and shakes to crack. Moss will also squeeze between shingles or tiles, loosening even the cement bonds that keep the roof intact. Removing this organic growth quickly is the best way of preserving the building’s integrity. 

How Roof Cleaning Saves Money

It can be easy to hold off from arranging any roof cleaning out of the worry that it will cost a lot over the years. While it is understandable that no one would want to schedule unnecessary services, roof cleaning saves money. The build-up of mud, algae, moss, and other pollutants increases the moisture of a house. This in turn increases utility bills, as residents must use their HVAC systems more often. Regular cleaning means avoiding costly and unnecessary repairs caused by collected debris. Best of all, a property’s value increases exponentially when the roof is cleaned. Our techs at Gorilla Roofing can show even more ways to save money with roof cleaning, so just get in touch.

To experience the relief of Melbourne roof cleaning, contact one of our skilled team members now at (321) 677-5867.

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